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Frames and Trusses - Sydney

Precision Engineered and Manufactured Timber Frames, Trusses and Posi-Struts.

Frame and Truss Manufacturers Sydney

Lawmans Frame and Truss has been providing timber roof trusses, wall frames, flooring systems and stick timber to builders and owner builders in Sydney since 1994.

Lawmans Frame and Truss is licensed by MiTek.  MiTek provides Lawmans Frame and Truss with quality engineering and structural products, which enables us to provide only the best quality posi-struts, frames and trusses. 

We pride ourselves on the quality service and technical advice given to all our customers, whatever the size of their project, from the smallest carport to the largest commercial constructions.


Timber Roof Trusses

Posi-Rafter Specialists

Timber Wall Frames

Custom Engineered

Timber Flooring Systems

Posi-Strut & Posi-Joist Specialists

Licensed Fabricator

When you deal with a MiTek licensed fabricator, you can be sure you're getting the best in advice, manufacturing facilities, resources and product quality that you'll find anywhere in the industry.

Why you should choose us

When you call Lawmans Frame & Truss, you get an experienced estimator on the job. Your project is followed through by a detailer. Once we’ve delivered our quality product, after-sales service is readily available.


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Lawmans Frame and Truss is dedicated in providing a quality product and personal service to all our customers regardless of the size of the project.  Contact our experienced estimators now to discuss your project.